One minute. Just sixty short seconds. As an adult, think about what you can accomplish in 60 seconds. Maybe get a glass of water, go to the bathroom, put a couple dishes in the dishwasher…Not much, right? To us, it seems like a small amount of time. But for a child, it’s an eternity. Those of us with small children know that a short 60 seconds is plenty of time for them to do all sorts of naughty things. Kids can do more in one unsupervised minute than most adults can do all day. Really. I’ve seen it both ways.
Have you ever stepped away for just a quick minute to go to the bathroom or throw in a load of laundry and left your child unattended? You think to yourself, “what could possibly go wrong in just a few seconds? They’ll be fine; I’ll be right back.” I’m here to tell you that A LOT can go wrong. Trust me. When left to their own devices, kids can get into and destroy just about anything find. I am actually quite amazed at how fast they can find and get into the things they are not supposed to do. It’s is probably the only time in their lives they do something quickly. It’s like they have been secretly planning their coup for months. Every last detail is meticulously planned even down to the escape route.
These are some of the things that my own little angels have gotten into in just a short 60 seconds.
  • Color their arms and legs with permanent marker….and possibly your furniture.
  • Color the dog with permanent marker.
  • Cut a few strands of their beautiful hair or their siblings hair.
  • Get their own snack…which means dumping the entire bag of goldfish out on the floor and missing the container completely (and being so proud of themselves!)
  • Find all the puzzles in the entire house and mix all the pieces together in one gigantic pile. 
  • Cover themselves with Vaseline.
  • Smear diaper cream all over their hair.
  • Eat eight cookies for breakfast.
  • Pull out all the Kleenex in the box and throw them around the house and pretend it is snow 
  • Take off all their clothes and play outside in the sandbox. 
  • Drink all the water out of the dog dish….and eat handfuls of dog food.
  • “Clean” the outside of the car with sandpaper. Yep…this really happened.
  • Empty out the entire garbage can on to the living room carpet to see what is in there.
  • Dump out every Lego set you have and mix them all together. Kills me to think about all the money spent on sets.
  • Make an art project with super glue.
  • Put tanning cream all over their hands thinking it is lotion. 
Yikes! What a disaster. It’s inevitable. If you are not watching them at every waking moment, something WILL get destroyed
Good luck to you!
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