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It’s almost Halloween. You know what that means…Christmas is just right around the corner! It’s never too early to get a jump start on the coolest holiday gifts for your kids! Don’t waste your money on the big, expensive toys this year. If you are looking for great ideas, look no further…these are HOT items.

Top 10 most popular “toys” for 2016 (for kids 2-8 years old)

1. Ziploc Bags – They are a must have this holiday season. Hours of enjoyment for your children by simply playing with plastic Ziploc bags. Kids can stuff random items in them such as, puzzle pieces, old food, or wrappers and scatter them all around the house. Moms and dads alike will find them everywhere …except in the drawer where they belong when making a cold lunch.

2. Cat Litter – This is a hot one! A litter box is just a giant indoor sandbox for your kids (except it is filled with pee and poop). They can use buckets, shovels or even Tupperware (see #4 below) to play with the “sand”. Another fun activity for kids of all ages is to sprinkle the litter throughout the house. There is nothing better for parents than to walk around barefoot and feel the small granules under your bare feet.

3. Dish rags – Another favorite this year are dish rags and hand towels. These can be strewn about the house and used for doll blankets (one for each baby in the house), laid out across the floor for stepping stones, they can get them wet and suck on them when they are thirsty, or even for Kleenex to wipe their noses. The possibilities really are endless. You can never have too many. Note to parents: You will never have one hanging up where it belongs. Ever.

4. Tupperware – Like dish rags, you can never have too many of these. These amazing little containers can hold random game pieces, cut up paper, rocks, or even small insects. Hours upon hours of enjoyment can be had with this simple, inexpensive, “toy”. This one is definitely at the top of Barrie’s shopping list!

5. Bathroom Garbage – This is essentially free and the really great thing is, you usually have at least two to three of them in your home. Each day is a new treasure hunt for the kids and they can find all sorts of special gems. Some examples of the “motherlode” treasure: chewed gum, banana peels, dirty Kleenex, used Q-tips (a favorite at our house), and empty bottles.

6. Rocks – This is a very versatile “toy” for this season as there are so many things that can be done with them. You can put them in Ziploc bags (See #1 above), Tupperware (See #4 above), or even stash a bunch of them in a bucket. My own kids have even painted them or colored them. Just be careful, they hurt when they are thrown at your head.

7. Post It Notes – Another cheap gift idea is a pack of post-it notes. Hours upon hours of fun can be had making one line or dot on them and then sticking them all over the house….or better yet, all over your body. Moms and Dads will be finding them in strange places for months. They even come in bright colors, one for each kid, so they don’t have to share. Nothings causes an all-out fist fight at our house like one kid using the other kid’s Post -Its. Multiple colors are a must.

8. Water – Water, like all of the top gifts this year, can be very inexpensive. Your little one can spend hours dumping water from one container to the next. Even toilet water can be fun at times. Kids can play Barbie’s, trucks, or whatever else they come up with right in your bathroom sink. Warning to parents: If your child suddenly disappears and you discover the bathroom door is locked, they may be dumping water all over the floor or filling multiple buckets with soapy water…it can get a bit messy.

9. Baby Wipes – You don’t want to miss out on this one. Kids can pull out each individual wipe and scatter them all over the house. They can “clean” furniture, floors, and even their own butts with them. Look out…they may try to clean their butts and then the furniture with the same wipe. Eek! Adult supervision is recommended.

10. Toilet Paper – Everyone is talking about toilet paper this year. The possibilities for play and imagination are endless. Roll out an entire roll around the house, rip it into a million little pieces, or even saturate it with water and throw it around the house (See #8 above). All of these provide enjoyment for children of all ages.

There you have it. These things won’t last long. Get a head start on your holiday shopping now!