You’ve heard the song “All about that bass, right? It’s a catchy little tune. I’m guessing it’s probably stuck in your head now, sorry about that. I heard it the other day and as I was tapping my toes, it got me thinking. What am I “all about” these days? I mean…as an adult and as a mom, things have certainly changed. What I am “all about” is nowhere near the same fun stuff like when I was younger, that’s for sure…and it’s definitely not bass.

When I was a kid, I was all about the normal kid stuff…like My Little Ponies, stickers, Nintendo, dress up, summer vacation, snacks whenever I wanted, and having no responsibility. Everything was new and exciting and it was all about learning, playing, getting my way, and having fun.

Then, it was on to the teen years. Screw toys….It was all about boys, my social life, graduation, driving, make-up, independence, and acne treatment. There was so much drama and everything was a crisis. I mean everything.  I was all about drama.

Off to college I went and it was more of the same. Boys, social life, food, independence, classes, and, if all went well, graduation. Then it was off to this so called “real world” that everyone talked about. Excitement. Independence. Being a grown up. That’s what I was all about.

Now that I am a grown ass adult, the list is quite different. Getting old really isn’t all it is cracked up to be, kids. I promise. I had pictured it to be all “drinking adult beverages and buying whatever I wanted.” But that is simply not the case. I mean…I can drink adult beverages and buy what I want on credit, but I thought, overall, it would be a little less sucky.

So…This is what I am “all about” now that I am 38 years old.

I’m All About…

That flu shot.

That carpool.

Those reading glasses.

That orthopedic insert.

That quiet time.

Those bird houses.

That Clairol hair dye.

That tax exemption.

That ibuprofen.

That minivan.

Those Tums.

That energy efficient dishwasher.

That cabernet.

That Groupon.

Those slippers.

That college fund.

That 48 Hours story.

That cholesterol.

That frickin’ promotion already.

That speed limit.

That 401k.

That grocery store music.

That treble. Defiantly no bass, no bass.

Welcome to adulthood, folks….HELP!

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