Have you ever wigged out on your kids for a stupid reason? Have they ever just pushed you to the point of no return? I’m guessing you said “yes”. It is inevitable. All moms lose their cool at one time or another. Nobody can be perfect and calm all the time when dealing with children, no matter how bad we want to. Kids learn very early on how to push our buttons…and they always know just the right time to do it. They will test you and push you to extremes you didn’t even know were possible. Eventually, the stress gets to be so much that there is nothing you can do but lose it. I call this the mom tantrum (momtrum).

You never really know what it will be that will set a momtrum into motion. Maybe it was a bad day at work and coming home to a messy house, could be hormones, or possibly the constant sound of bickering kids in the background. Whatever it is that starts it, it puts that wheel into motion and the momentum just escalates. The mom-pot is about to boil over.

Warning signs:

  • Your voice starts to shake and gets higher pitched.
  • You feel your face starting to get hot and turn red.
  • You start slamming things around.
  • The urge to scream and cry uncontrollably is almost too much.
  • Your kids start looking at you with terror in their eyes…they know shit is about to get real.

 You do everything you can to try to prevent it and pull out all your coping mechanisms…count to 10, try to step way, take deep breaths, blah, blah, blah. But BAM. It happens. You boil over and there is no turning back now. You are in full-blown mom tantrum. You yell at the kids, you stomp around and slam things, you probably drop a curse word or two, and you begin making random and unenforceable threats to your children or husband (I swear that if you don’t pick up your crap I am going to throw away every single one of your toys away. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE).

And…there you find yourself, out of control…toddler style.

Folks, the momtrum is real, whether we like to admit it or not. Moms snap. Lose our cool. Being a mom is exhausting and stressful…and no one can quite prepare you for mix of emotions you can feel all at the same moment. I am fairly confident that no one wants to act like an out of control toddler and have our kids see us lose control. How are you supposed to explain acceptable behavior to your children when you are acting like one yourself? I think we all want to be the calm, level-headed moms that can roll with the punches…and sometimes we can…just not all the time. Sometimes, an all-out tantrum is necessary for survival. It is a release. For me, it is usually when I am tired, hungry, or stressed out about something beyond my control. The little things will just set me off. The next thing I know I am screaming at my kids to pick up the shit that I have asked them to pick up 10,000 times before. But guess what? That shit gets picked up! Sometimes, fear tactics work, my friends.

So go ahead, throw a momtrum every once in a while. Its therapeutic. Everyone has their breaking point…even moms. Hey, maybe you’ll get your way or the kids might actually get their shoes on the first time you ask. Tantrums work for toddlers, right?

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