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Life as a mom is hectic…but you already know that because you have kids too! Between feeding them, bathing them, helping them with homework, my own full-time job, sports, and sleeping…there isn’t much time left. There are constant feelings of stress, guilt, and frustration. The bumps in the road, the challenges, and the never ending demands are overwhelming and endless. I am always in survival mode and its survival of the fittest.

Below is my mom survival list. My advice…Keep all of these items handy at all times. Whether it is for you or for your child…you’ll need all them!

  • Coffee. Every. Single. Day. For me, it’s like gasoline. I don’t run without it. 
  • Paper Towels…Rolls upon rolls of paper towels. There is ALWAYS a mess to be cleaned up.
  • Kleenex – Keep them everywhere. There will be crying for the good, the bad, and the ugly. And the boogers…So many boogers. 
  • Band Aids – Stash those bad boys everywhere. Even if they don’t have a cut, I’ve discovered that Band Aids can magically fix everything. You’re tired…Here’s a Band Aid; Your tummy hurts…Here’s a Band Aid. You have to go poop…Here’s a Band Aid.
  • Wipes – Sticky fingers are inevitable. If there is something sticky to be found, they will find it. 
  • Sleeping Pills – Unless you enjoy never sleeping through the night. Knock yourself out for a blissful 8 hours of sleep.
  • Laughter – If you can’t do this, you are screwed! It’s a shit show. Sometimes literally.
  • Corkscrew…for the Wine….lots and lots of wine.

Surviving motherhood is not something you can learn overnight. It is a life-long journey and we are all learning as we go. Good luck to you. Happy Mothering!