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Mineapolis, MN – After years of eye-glazing and mind-numbing conversations with her son about Pokemon, one local mother said, “Something just clicked.” She emotionally recalled that moment,”I was just sitting there sipping my coffee one morning and thinking about Pikachu. And Bam. I get it. Booster pack? Hell yes. Energy? Got it. EX Cards? For sure. This is truly an enchanted world and I love it.”

Furthermore, she has now come to terms with the fact that the millions of dollars she spent on packs of Pokemon cards over the last 7 years was all well worth it. “I see it now. If only I would have understood that years ago. I should have said yes to purchasing that one more pack he cried for at the Target register”, she regretfully stated.  “$4.99 for a small pack of 10 cards he probably already has fourteen of seems like an excellent way to spend Grandma Rosie’s birthday money. Certainly much better than saving it for college.”

She acknowledged that the hours of YouTube videos her son would watch over and over again of other people’s kids opening packs of cards and discussing destruction points, secret rares, and EX cards was time well spent. “He’ll never get that time back, but that is ok. He learned so much from those other kids, she said.”  The countless hours of sorting, counting, and playing cards…Again, no doubt a great use of everyone’s time and money.  Even the fights between siblings and friends over trades, lost or stolen cards…A learning experience for everyone. “I also want to thank all the relatives and family friends for spending their hard earned money on expensive Pokemon gift sets for him over the years. Bravo. Money well spent”, she confirmed.

If nothing else, she wants her Pokémon epiphany to be a lesson to all other struggling moms out there. “It really is all worth it. Just spend the money. Listen to the stats. Learn the characters. Take enjoyment in the four-hour, mind-numbing stories about energy, destruction points, and EX cards.  Please moms, Pokemon is important, trust me.”

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