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I'm Barrie...I’m sarcastic, vocal, stubborn, strong willed, and kind of a pain in the ass. Welcome to my funny little parenting blog about the trials of life, kids, work, and pure exhaustion. Follow me as I fumble my way through this parenting thing. I promise, there will be lots of laughs, probably some tears, and most definitely monumental parenting blunders. Being a mom is hard, stressful, and crazy at times. Grab a drink and enjoy the shit show!


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Poop. There it is

Dear fellow office workers, This is serious. Perhaps you are new to an office situation and don’t completely understand the proper work bathroom etiquette. As a clean toilet lover, I feel it is my public service and duty to assist…


Ride On

I recently did something I haven’t done in probably 20 years. It’s crazy that 20 years can go by so fast, it seems like just yesterday. I didn’t forget how…it was like riding a bike; because it was riding a bike.  It…


A Camping We Will Go…

Vacations with the family are always a mixed bag. Trying to make memories with the kids to last a lifetime definitely has a cost — most of which involves crying, whining, putting up with family dynamics, and hauling ridiculous amounts…


Toxic Truths

I have been thinking a lot lately about life, people, loyalty, work ethic, stupidity, and success. In fact, I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. I had the unfortunate experience of working in an extremely toxic…

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