Welcome to the shit show!

I'm Barrie...I’m sarcastic, vocal, stubborn, strong willed, and kind of a pain in the ass. Welcome to my funny little parenting blog about the trials of life, kids, work, and pure exhaustion. Follow me as I fumble my way through this parenting thing. I promise, there will be lots of laughs, probably some tears, and most definitely monumental parenting blunders. Being a mom is hard, stressful, and crazy at times. Grab a drink and enjoy the shit show!


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Tuesday Sucks

Shit Ass Tuesday

Dear Tuesday, I hate you. More than you will ever understand. Surprised? I bet you thought that I was going to say Monday I hate you. Nope. It’s you, Tuesday. Poor Monday gets a bad rap because it is the…


Say What?

Before I had kids, I always pictured my life to be perfect with perfectly dressed and perfectly behaved beautiful children. Reality check. Although I do think my children are beautiful…Nothing is perfect. Shit hit the fan as soon as our…


20 Lies I tell My Kids

The saying goes “honesty is the best policy”. That is what my parents taught me and that’s what I teach my children. Throughout their lives, I have encouraged them to always tell the truth. I really do believe that honesty…