We all live in the age of instant gratification. These days, kids really don’t know any different. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want things when they want them. On their terms. My kids…they have no patience for waiting. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Why? Because they don’t have to. Everything is on demand. They have known nothing else. From movies, games, and TV shows to shopping, food and social media. All readily available with just the click of a button. Easy. Even my three-year-old knows how to select on demand movies.
My own little angels seem to think that just because they can get just about everything else instantaneously, mom can do the same. I’ve become the “on demand mom.” At the drop of a hat, they expect me to get them whatever it is they need…just like clicking the remote button.
Mommmmmmmmm…Can you…? (fill in the blank with just about anything you want)
1. Absolutely…let me get off the toilet and get you another granola bar. No need to wait until I am finished. I won’t even wipe.
2. I would love to get up off the couch 13 times and get you assorted beverages in assorted colored cups.
3. Your favorite clean socks aren’t clean? I’d be happy to stay up until midnight getting the laundry done to ensure you have them ready for the morning.
4. Sure. Let me hang up the phone with my boss and get you popcorn. Right now. No worries at all.
5. The first outfit I picked out for you isn’t right? Well by all means, let me run upstairs and get a different one. I am sure I can read your mind this time. The bus can wait.
6. You want ice cream? Dishes and homework don’t need to get done first. Let’s go to Dairy Queen right now.
7. Sure honey, let me get out of the shower with soap on my hair immediately to get your stuffed animal back from your brother. I won’t even waste time and grab a towel.
8. Of course, I will carry your backpack and jacket to the car. I am only carrying your sister, artwork, two lunch boxes, and my purse. You just walk to the car completely empty handed so you can find the perfect rock outside on the way.
9. You want me to enter in the password for you to play Pokémon online? I will be there immediately. Thanksgiving dinner can wait.
I do my best to get you everything you need as quickly as I can. But there are three of you and only ONE of me. Sorry kids. Like it or not… mom is not “on demand”.
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