No means No!
No means No!

No doesn’t mean Yes!

Dear Kids,

I would like to go over something with you. There seems to be a bit of confusion with the meaning of a very familiar word that we both use all too often. It’s a word that when you, yourself use it, you seem to understand just fine. It’s when anyone else uses this very same word with you, that is when the confusion sets in. The word I am referring to is “No.”

It is such a simple little word. Only two measly little letters. It was actually the first word that all three of you learned when you were very young. “No”. You clearly understood the meaning way back then, but now, I am not so sure. Perhaps you have forgotten. Perhaps there is some sort of confusion in the context of which I say this word. Or maybe, you just don’t hear me or care when I say it.

So, my precious little angels, please know that when I say this word, I really do mean it. It should be the end of the story, case closed…but somehow it is not. “No” doesn’t mean ask 10,000 more times. “No” doesn’t mean maybe. “No” doesn’t mean throw a fit and try to get your way. “No”, is not another word for yes. In reality, it simply means “no”.

I want you to know that I am not just a mean mom…I don’t just say this dreaded word to annoy you or make you mad. There are very good reasons for why I do what I do.

It could be that what you are asking is unsafe.

“Can I play in the construction site across the street after dark?” No.

It could be that what you are asking is too expensive.

“Can you buy me another American Girl Doll for no reason other than I want it?” No.

It could be that what you are asking will take too long for the amount of time that we have available.

“Can you take me to the park to play even though we need to leave for gymnastics in 15 minutes?” No.

 It could be that the timing of your request isn’t the greatest.

“Can I have a snack (right after I just finished cleaning up all the dishes from dinner)?  No.

 It could be that what you are asking for is just annoying, plain and simple.

“Can I buy another giant Nerf gun when we run to Target later.” Hell No.

Or maybe what you are asking for is just simply not a good idea.

“Can you get me the super glue, paint, a Sharpie, and scissors so I can make a “special” art project before school?” No.

So, kids, next time you hear me use the dreaded word “no”, please listen. Don’t argue. Don’t cry and flop around on the floor like a fish out of water. You are not going to get your way. Just listen. It is for your own good. No is not another word for yes.




JENerally Informed


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