Minneapolis, MN – A local mother was just named worst mom in the world by her 9-year-old son. When the boy was interviewed about why he made this claim, he stated, “I was the only 4th grader in the whole city that didn’t have slime to bring to school on Slime Day.” He claims that this simple act of neglect ruined his life at the young age of 9  because he was ridiculed and called names the entire time he was at school.

The blasphemy has now gone public, and this poor, exhausted mom was ridiculed and bullied on social media by all the better moms out there.  The neighborhood kid “squad” has been riding by on their bikes and relentlessly taunting her and allegedly calling her “mean” and a “butt face”.

When confronted on why she did this, the mother reportedly did have practical reasons why she didn’t let her clearly deprived child have slime on slime day and claims it wasn’t simply to “ruin his life”. But the better moms and the neighborhood “squad” don’t buy it.

The mother maintained that she didn’t know about slime day until 7:00 p.m. the evening before. Supposedly, her husband was working late and she was unable to drop everything, skip dinner, load up three kids into the car, and immediately head to the nearest slime store to purchase it at the very moment her son asked. These facts are still under investigation. When a close family member suggested turning it into a fun art project and making some, it was reported that she replied “Ain’t no one got time for that shit.”

Clearly this poor child’s life will never be the same. All the better moms said…Shame on you.

Shame. On. You.

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