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You would think I would have learned my lesson. Nope. The only lesson that I learned is that I must be a REALLY annoying mom…and a really big Asshole. Here are 20 more reasons that I am STILL an asshole according to my three lovely children.

1. I wipe their noses when they have a green stream of snot running down them. I guess they would rather eat it.

2. I explain their homework to them all wrong…That’s not the way their teacher taught them.

3. Dinner time wasn’t convenient for the gaming. Sorry I made you dinner when you were right in the middle of the most epic Pokémon battle of all time.

4. I insist they use a napkin instead of their shirt when eating dinner. I know…I’m asking a lot.

5. I buy all the wrong snacks. I’m an idiot.

6. Look at them wrong.

7. I ordered pizza for dinner and I didn’t get the kind cut in squares. They hate triangle pizza. Asshole.

8. I got frustrated when the three-year-old played in the litter box like it was a sandbox and then sprinkled cat litter all over the basement. Should I have been elated?

9. I won’t let them eat chips before dinner…Even when they promise they will still eat their dinner. I’m not that stupid!

10. I wake them up. (Okay fine…I’ll give them this one. I hate getting up also).

11. I took them out for ice cream but the milkshake sucked because I took them to the WORST ice cream place ever. First – Milkshakes never suck. Second – say thank you.

12. I told the three-year-old no to wearing a size 7 Easter dress as her pajamas.

13. I won’t let them throw rocks at cars passing by. Meanest mom ever.

14. I said no to excessively dumping pepper on her eggs.

15. I didn’t show her the poop in her diaper after I changed it. She wanted to check out her load. Why? I have no idea.

16. I wouldn’t let them melt butter and add to the “Movie Theater Butter” popcorn we had for a snack.

17. Her shoelaces are too short to tie. I’m such an asshole.

18. I said she couldn’t keep a “cute” ant in a Tupperware bowl when I was trying to get everyone out the door.

19. The On Demand movie doesn’t start fast enough. It’s my fault there are too many commercials.

20. I stop at red lights. All I hear from the backseat is “Gooooooooooo”.

There you have it.  Proof that I am still an asshole.

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