It’s a well-known fact that kids are absolutely disgusting. Well actually, we are all kind of disgusting, but as adults, we know what is acceptable and sanitary and what is not. We understand the consequences of our actions (most of the time) and know not to touch and eat certain things. You know that kid you saw at Target eating his own boogers? Or the kid that was digging for gold in his butt as you walked by? Yeah. Your kid probably does that too, no matter how much you hope it isn’t true.
They will do things with boogers. They will eat them as a salty little snack, wipe them on a wall, and even use their shirt for a tissue. They may even make a little collection under a table or couch cushion. If they don’t wipe snot on their shirt, they will lick the snot as it runs down their upper lip.
They will find old food from the couch and/or car floor and eat it. You’ll catch them snacking on something and you realize it is food that has been in the car for months. Old French fries, crackers, candy, and even old suckers covered in dirt and hair. Yummy.
They will wear the same underwear and socks for multiple day. Somehow, to them, it is easier to just not change them. Even after a shower, they just put the old smelly ones back on. I don’t get it.
They will mix weird combos of food. Why not try ketchup on green beans? Or crackers with cottage cheese? Or my favorite, mustard on cooked carrots. Yet if any of their food on their plate touches, then it’s thrown across the room. 
They will scratch their butt…no matter where they are. I don’t like to think about why their butt always itches. Perhaps there should be more extensive wiping lessons.
They will backwash in your drink. I don’t know about you, but it is disgusting drinking water with regurgitated goldfish crumbs floating around. Honestly, I’d almost rather share a bottle of water with a complete stranger than my own toddler. Gag…
They will touch everything in sight in a public bathroom. Kids don’t seem to mind touching the stall walls, counters, sinks, floors, and even toilets.
They will pick up used band Aids. Right off the ground, in the pool, out of the garbage…where ever. It’s like a treasure when they find them. All I can think about is what bodily fluid is now on their hands.
They will put things in their pants. I don’t understand the appeal of this. I’ve seen Barbie dolls and stuffed animals shoved into underwear. My youngest put beads in her diaper and went to school. They didn’t discover them until they changed her. Why?
As perfect and amazing as you think your children are, I guarantee that they have done, or will do some of these disgusting things. It’s best to just not think about it. It’s a good thing they are cute or we might not keep them!

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