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Dear Management,

I wanted to write you a quick letter. I am sure you haven’t thought twice about me since you fired me for really no quantifiable reason earlier this year. But I think about you all the time. I think about all the precious time I wasted working for you. I think about how you took me for granted, squashed my dreams, and killed my soul at little bit more each day for a decade. I think about the precious time I lost with my children because I was committed to you and your company. That is precious time I’ll never get back. You might expect this letter to be a nasty tale of all the horrible things you did over the years. Nope. I actually wanted to thank you for a few things. I learned a lot about life, character, ethics, and values from you.

Thank you for teaching me how NOT to manage and lead people. You taught me that employees deserve a real, professional management team. I will never again allow myself to work for a judgmental, hypocritical, immature, and unsupportive company. I am worth far more than that, even if you never thought so.