Not to brag…but my kids are AWESOME criers. I am no expert, but I think they are killing it. They can cry about just about anything at the drop of a hat. They came into this world crying and they haven’t really stopped since. I know that children cry for so many different reasons, but I can’t keep track of them all… Mommy leaving, not wanting to eat dinner, getting hurt, name calling – you name it. I try so hard, but it seems that no matter what I do it makes one of them cry.

Most of the time they cry for completely ridiculous reasons that don’t even make any sense. Crying seems to be the very first reaction to anything. I have had to learn to decipher the difference between the “sticker ripped” cry and the “I fell off the top of the swing set and broke my leg” cry. I’ll be honest…sometimes it is hard to tell.

Here are 31 non-life threatening reasons that my kids cry:

  1. I ask them to wear pants outside.
  2. Tell them to take a shower.
  3. She isn’t sitting close enough to Mommy at dinner.
  4. We ran out of paper towels.
  5. The chair was stuck.
  6. Her teeth aren’t working.
  7. The granola bar broke into two pieces.
  8. She can’t put on an infant shoe when she is 3.
  9. It wasn’t her birthday.
  10. Barbie is not a boy.
  11. Cat food is not for kids to eat.
  12. I won’t let her eat chalk.
  13. The dog is “copying” her.
  14. I made her eggs on the stove, not the microwave.
  15. He doesn’t want to go to college. (He was 4 when he said this.)
  16. The sprinkler got her wet.
  17. The rain is not hot.
  18. His little sister is not a boy.
  19. He is afraid of his wee wee.
  20. She is looking out her window in the car.
  21. Mom plays barbies wrong.
  22. They HATE Coldstone icecream.
  23. I bought him a cheeseburger.
  24. They had to share.
  25. One lost a game.
  26. I asked them to smile for a picture.
  27. I sat in the wrong chair.
  28. I gave one of them more crackers. Clearly, I love them more.
  29. It’s not fair…doesn’t matter what “it” is.
  30. Dinner is too spicy.
  31. The toothpaste tastes too minty.

In all fairness, I probably cry for silly reasons too.  In fact, my kids make me cry all the time.  Sometimes, it’s because they are growing up too quickly. Sometimes, it’s because they frustrate me or make me angry.  Sometimes it’s because they are doing something so cute! And sometimes…it’s because I am laughing so hard at the ridiculous reasons they are crying.

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