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For the first two decades of my life, I may have taken something for granted. Something that I really didn’t think too much about…going to the bathroom. Alone. In the good old day I could sit on the toilet for as long as I wanted and not be bombarded with questions. I didn’t know what a little slice of heaven it actually was to pee in peace. Since I became a mom more than 8 years ago, I’ve pretty much given up on privacy completely. Now, it is no longer just me in the bathroom…it’s the whole family!
Come on gang, mom has to pee! They all follow me into the bathroom and we discuss whatever is on their mind. We are, after all, one big happy family. We even invite the animals to join us. I think the kids worry that they might miss out on something amazing for the two minutes I am away. Guess what kids? I’m not doing anything fun. Just peeing.

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