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Well, the day has finally arrived. I’ve managed to avoid this doll craziness for the last seven years. But this year, the American Girl doll has made her way into the Bismark home. We finally took the plunge and decided to give our middle daughter her first American Girl doll. Happy birthday, baby girl! I hope you love it!
These dolls are a big investment. More than I realized. I mean, I have furniture in my house that didn’t cost as much as this doll. I know there are probably families out there that have a dozen of them, but for us, it is expensive. Regardless, we decided that we wanted our little girl to get what she really wanted for her birthday.
The road to this point took about 4 years. At first, it was just the occasional magazine that would find its way to our mailbox. These marketing geniuses hunted us down and started targeting our house about the time she turned three. Most of the time I was able to quickly throw it away before she saw it. No sense in getting her hooked on something I couldn’t afford to get her. Then, as she got older the magazines started coming a little more frequently. She would find them and look at the pages over, and over again. Now, her little friends all have them and they all talk about them at school, gymnastics, and wherever else there are groups of 7-year-old girls. So now, the pressure is on. She must have one.
Not only is she the middle child and gets forgotten about more times than she should, she also has a birthday a week before Christmas. So, to buy her forgiveness and with the help from Gramma and Grandpa, she is getting her first American Girl doll for her 7th birthday.
Now, the doll that she really wanted was the gymnastics girl. She takes gymnastics herself, so she wanted a doll to be just like her. Well, I scoped out the price on that little gem and realized it would be damn near $300 for the doll and the equipment. For a DOLL. Oh hell no! So, off to Costco we went to get her the $120 package special with three outfits. Sorry kiddo! Samantha, it is. I did find a lovely gymnastics outfit on Amazon for her though. Real doll, generic accessories. That is the best we can do!
Now that we have opened the door into the American girl vortex, I am fearful we may never get out. I mean…there are people that take them out to lunch at the café at Mall of America. There is the enormous store filled with all the billion dollar accessories. I am just not sure if I am prepared to become a part of this cult of cray cray moms that get so excited to bankrupt themselves buying dolls. Let me give you a little example. The other night I was trolling Amazon trying to find alternative doll gymnastics equipment and leotards, I started reading the reviews on some of the outfits. Why? I have no fricking clue. But there I was reading review after review on what is the best outfit for a doll. There was one particular customer who was commenting on an outfit she had recently purchased. She was very upset that it came with open-toed doll shoes paired with a sweater. She went on and on about how she really wished they were closed toed shoes because closed toed shoes go much better with sweaters for the cold weather. Wait. Are you kidding me? I had to reread to be sure I understood. Ahem…Number one. Do you realize you are talking about a doll? I am really sorry to shatter all your hopes and dreams, but dolls are not real and they don’t feel temperature nor do they care if their shoes are open toed or close toed. Why do you? Number two. How in the hell do you have the time to comment and review clothes for dolls? I mean…I guess I was reading them. But still…if you have nothing better to do than critique the style of shoes for your doll, perhaps you should try to find something more meaningful to do. Just a suggestion. My fear…I am going to turn into one of these crazy American Girl outfit Nazis.
Crazy or not, I have entered this doll world. We also have another younger daugher as well, so I think I will be part of this for awhile! She was ecstatic to get her Samantha doll and hasn’t put her down all weekend. I do love to see her so very happy!
Today, I’m complaining about how expensive and ridiculous all this is. Tomorrow, I am going to be having tea with a couple of dolls. Welcome to the other side.