My children love each other most of the time…until they don’t. Then they hate each other. Once we hit that moment, there is no turning back. Anything the other person does aggravates the situation. Including breathing, smiling, moving, looking…well really just about everything. I know fighting with your siblings is normal…it has been going on since the beginning of time. But it’s completely exhausting playing referee constantly. I don’t think we can go two minutes without someone yelling, crying, screaming, and tattling. “Mom, she is looking at me” or “He said he doesn’t like me”. The fights are completely pointless most of the time. It blows my mind to think that half the time they play so great together, then at the drop of a hat, they want to kill each other over some stupid McDonald’s toy they found under the couch that no one has seen in two years. No joke…my kids have fought over garbage. Literally garbage.Conflict is a normal part of any relationship. But come on, kids, some of this stuff is just dumb. These are the 50 most ridiculous agreements my kids have. (Yes, 50)

  1. He is looking at her.
  2. He likes the cat more…no she likes the cat more.
  3. It’s her turn to sit by mom.
  4. She almost touched him.
  5. He wanted the blue cup. She got it last time.
  6. She smiled at him.
  7. He let the dog out yesterday when we got home. He always does it.
  8. Who started “it”.
  9. She was singing.
  10. She took the last granola bar.
  11. He wanted to shower first.
  12. Who gets anything first.
  13. Who gets anything last.
  14. He put my Barbie in his pants.
  15. Which toothpaste tastes better.
  16. Who is taller.
  17. Who won anything. Ever.
  18. She ruins his life.
  19. Who can run faster.
  20. Who has the most books.
  21. He took the last cookie.
  22. He got his dinner plate last again.
  23. She got to sit by mom.
  24. She touched my toothbrush.
  25. He’s in my room.
  26. Who gets mom’s phone first in the waiting room.
  27. Who gets to sit on what side of the bathtub.
  28. It’s mine…no matter what “it” is.
  29. What show to watch.
  30. She wanted to be first.
  31. She wanted to push the elevator button.
  32. He peed on the seat.
  33. You always open his door first.
  34. His blanket is not as warm as her blanket.
  35. Her feet smell too bad.
  36. The girls are copying him.
  37. She “stole” his book.
  38. Who gets the corner seat on the couch.
  39. She gets more hugs than him.
  40. Who gets the first piggy back ride upstairs to bed.
  41. Why does she always have more money?
  42. He “won” in the game. It’s not fair.
  43. She laughed when he tripped.
  44. He tripped her back because she laughed.
  45. Who gets to sit by the cat.
  46. Who is better friends with the neighbor?
  47. Who has bigger feet?
  48. Who gets to keep that special piece of garbage (literally).
  49. Who likes who more?
  50. Who started “it”?

Geez! This is only 50. I am sure I could list hundreds more! They come up with a new reason to fight multiple times a day. Now, I totally understand how my brother and I would drive my mom crazy. Mom, I’m sorry.

It is clear that my children have a love/hate relationship. I think that is probably the norm. I guess we can only cherish the good times when they are best buds and hope they don’t end up killing each other.

What ridiculous things do your kids fight about?

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